TA Office Hours are held in Cubicle C on the first floor of Welch Hall (the first floor is the basement).  TA's take turns staffing the cubicle, so if you go on Thursday at 1:pm, for example, either Xi Chen or Guang Gao will be there.

Dr. Anderson's office hours are held in WEL 5.220A.  Dr. Anderson will also be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you any time during the week.  Just drop him an e-mail.  Don't be shy -- you're paying him anyway, so you might as well get some use out of him.  This is what his spring schedule looks like.

MONDAY              10:00 - 11:AM          Dr. Anderson, WEL 5.220A

TUESDAY               1:00 - 2:PM              Ken / Ron

WEDNESDAY       11:00 - 12:NOON     Dipankar / Young Nam

                                 1:00 - 2:PM              Orf / Alex

THURSDAY            1:00 - 2:PM              Xi / Guang

FRIDAY                 11:00 - 12:NOON      Michelle / Kristen

Questions?  E-mail Dr. Anderson.