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Herr Doktor Anderson


CH 204 will not meet until
the week of
August 31.

Tell your friends! 


Dropping by early?  Welcome!

We don't have the Fall 2009 TA assignments finalized yet, and the web site won't go live until we do, but here's a little bit of information to get you started.

You will need three things for 204 lab:  a LAB MANUAL, a LAB NOTEBOOK, a COMBINATION LOCK, and a CALCULATOR.

Lab Manuals are $20 at the Co-op along the back wall.  You must have the Fall 2009 edition with the orange and white cover (see picture below).  Buy yours early because the Co-op usually runs out!

Lab notebooks like the one pictured below are $14.50 from the Duplicating office in the main hallway of Welch (room 2.228) or $15 at the Co-op.  It doesn't have to look like the one below, but it does have to have 100 DUPLICATE, NUMBERED pages. Most students use 70-90 pages over the course of the semester.

You can buy a combination lock from the Co-op for $5.15 in aisle 7, from the CH204 stockroom for $5, or from the Duplicating office in WEL 2.228 for $3.88, or just get one anywhere that fine personal security devices are sold.  Gotta be a combination lock.  No padlocks.

Make sure your calculator does exponents and logs.  Don't show up with a business calculator that will amortize your mortgage in two easy steps but won't allow you to calculate pH if your life depends on it. And don't come to class with a little pink Hello Kitty calculator that gives off a high-pitched beep every time you press a button.  (I know I shouldn't have to say these things, but guess what happens when I don't...)


Get it?

Got it!


    Lab Manual
Lab Notebook.
  $15 at the Co-op or $14.50 from the Duplicating office in the main hallway of Welch.
Lab Manual.
  $20.  Gotta be the
Fall 2009 edition with the orange and white cover.  Get it at Co-op before
they run out.